Voacanga Ibogaine Production Guide

(Photo: Voacanga total alkaloids in mid-extraction.)

Chris Jenks, Ph.D., recently self-published a guide to the semi-synthetic production of ibogaine hydrochloride via voacangine extracted from the Voacanaga africana tree. This document improves on previous Voacanga ibogaine production methods by reducing the cost, level of technology and amount of training required and improving the scalability and environmental friendliness of the process.

The following links, as well as a thorough ibogaine bibliography, can be found on www.puzzlepiece.org.

There are four documents, each outlining a phases of the extraction process.

Phase 1: Isolation of Total Alkaloids PDFPhotos

Phase 2: Separation of voacangine from more basic alkaloids PDFPhotos

Phase 3: Final purification of voacangine PDFPhotos

Phase 4: Production and Purification of Ibogaine PDFPhotos

Note: An updated version with photos organized throughout the voacanga ibogaine production guide will be released, and an update posted here, within a month.

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  1. Nakaya 7 years ago

    howard lotsof and doctor anwar jeewa are my inspirations

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