Accuracy and Accountability in Ibogaine Treatment Journalism

Each human being is precious, and the loss of life associated with substance use disorder affects all economic spheres. It is concerning and saddening to read the recent sensationalistic & sloppy journalism regarding the death of cryptocurrency expert & banking heir Matthew Mellon.

His passing has been repeatedly & inaccurately connected to ibogaine therapy, and even ayahuasca, in various media outlets, without any emphasis on the failed drug war, nor what contributes to chronic dependency.

Mr. Mellon, who at one point admitted he was using 80 Oxycontins per day, experienced what he called a “spiritual crossing with ibogaine in Cancun” in 2016, and even offered to pay for ibogaine treatment for others in an Instagram post during that period.

“The doctors kept writing prescriptions like they were Smarties,” Mellon, who’s own father committed suicide when he was 18, told the media. “OxyContin is like legal heroin. And it needs to be addressed.” Mr. Mellon had planned to be treated again at Clear Sky in Cancun, but never made it to the center.

In an era of increasingly false & rapidly spreading information, the onus is on the public to sift through the reported facts to determine what is true, seemingly a Sisyphean task. We send our deepest sympathy to Mr. Mellon’s family & loved ones as they grieve.

“Matthew Mellon arrived in Cancun Mexico with his private entourage on Sunday, April 15, 2018. He arrived by private plane and checked into his hotel in Cancun Mexico.
Mr. Mellon was scheduled to check-in at Clear Sky Recovery on Monday April 16, 2018. We received word that he had died at his hotel on the morning of April 16th, prior to his scheduled check-in. We have no further comment regarding this tragic situation.”
––Dr. Alberto Sola, Medical Director, Clear Sky Recovery

Publications that took the time to do their research and fact-check what they published instead of generating fake news: Forbes and The NY Times.


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