Clinical Guidelines v1.1 Updates

This is the first official update for GITA’s Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification. You can sign up for future update notifications to your inbox by adding your email to the mailing list in the sidebar.

New Citations

  • “Litjens, Rudd P.W., Tibor M. Brunt. How toxic is ibogaine? Clinical Toxicology. 25 January, 2016.” (i. Introduction, Paragraph 35)

Changes of Language

  • Change of language from “detoxification for opioid use disorders” to “opioid withdrawal management (i. Introduction, Paragraph 1)
  • Changed instances of trade names for generic drug names
    • “Haldol” to “haloperidol” (i. Introduction, Paragraph 16; Chapter 14, Paragraph 17)
    • “Thorazine” to “chlorpromazine” (i. Introduction, Paragraph 16)
    • “Lavanox” to “enoxaparin sodium” (Chapter 2, Paragraph 13, Bullet 7, Sub-bullet 2)
    • “Ativan” to “lorazepam” (Chapter 11, Paragraph 5; and Appendix B)
    • “Senokot” to “sennosides” (Chapter 14, Paragraph 7)
    • “ambien and lunesta, sonata” to “zolpidem, eszopiclone and zaleplon” (Chapter 14, Paragraph 13, Bullet 2)

Deletions and Additions for Clarification

  • Deleted “detoxification” before guidelines (i. Introduction, Paragraph 14)
  • Added “who have taken ibogaine” to clarify negative drug reactions (i. Introduction, Paragraph 30)
  • Added “(time between the beginning of the Q-wave and the end of the T-wave on the cardiac cycle)” to clarify meaning of QT interval prolongation (i. Introduction, Paragraph 34)
  • Added “interval” between “QT” and “prolongation” (i. Introduction, Paragraph 37)
  • Added “Advanced Cardiac Life Support” before “ACLS” (Chapter 1, Paragraph 8)
  • Changed “psychothereapeutic aid” to “psychedelic medications” (Chapter 1, Paragraph 16)
  • Changed “therapy” to “psychotherapy” (Chapter 1, Paragraph 16)
  • Changed “a quite tip” to “minimum suggestions” (Chapter 1, Paragraph 16)
  • Added “glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor” before “GDNF” (Chapter 1, Paragraph 22)
  • Changed order of “Thallium (nuclear) stress testing)” and “electrocardiogram”, removed “stress” from “electrocardiogram” to represent commonality of cardiac testing used (Chapter 2, Paragraph 7, Bullet 2)
  • Added “thyroid medication” after “currently prescribed” (Chapter 2, Paragraph 7, Bullet 5, Sub-bullet)
  • Changed “childhood” to “surgeries for” prior to Coronary Heart Disease (Chapter 2, Paragraph 8, Bullet 8)
  • Added “Application of the Subjective and Objective Opioid Withdrawal Scales is standard” around “SOWS & OOWS” (Chapter 3, Paragraph 16)
  • Changed “Epi-pen” to “epinephrine auto-injector” (Chapter 14, Paragraph 23)

Other minor spelling and grammar adjustments that do not change meanings of the text

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  1. James 6 years ago

    Simply wonderful work here!
    Thank you all so much.

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