2016 Global Ibogaine Conference Accommodation Guide

The 2016 Global Ibogaine Conference is being held at the beautiful Jardin de la Abundancia hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Jardin de la Abundancia HotelFor those who want to be closer to the events, there are a limited number of rooms for rent at the hotel. These rooms can be booked through our online registration system.

When these rooms are full, or those who would like to stay elsewhere before, after, or during the conference, we’ve provided this brief guide to hotels and hostels in Tepoztlan. There are many other boutique hotels in the area near the center of town that can be found by searching online.

Information for International Travelers

The prices listed below are in Mexican Pesos. Estimated exchange rates from Mexican Pesos to US or Canadian Dollars, Euros and other currencies can be found at www.xe.com/currencyconverter.

Many of the websites below are in English and have online booking systems. For those that don’t, we’ve provided a phone number. For information on how to call Mexico from an international location you can visit to www.howtocallabroad.com/mexico.

Alternate Hotel Contact Information

The following hotels are in the Tepoztlan area, organized in descending order by their starting price for . From the center of Tepoztlan, the conference venue is an easy 10 minute taxi ride, and costs approximately 40 to 50 pesos in each direction.

centro-werikaCentro Werika
Shared rooms starting at $300 pesos/night
Private rooms starting at $400 pesos/night

Quinta del Sol Hotel
Rooms starting at $900 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (739) 395-0037

Posada Rincon Magico
Rooms starting at $1,015 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (739) 395-7476

Real del Valle Hotel & Spa
Rooms starting at $1,363 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (739) 395-3264

Casa Isabella
Rooms starting at $1,650 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (739) 102-0116

Hotel Buena Vibra
Rooms starting at $2,180 pesos/night Sunday to Wednesday
Dorms starting at $652 pesos/night Sunday to Wednesday
USA: +1 (213) 283-7682
Mex: +52 (739) 395-1491

Posada del Tepozteco
Rooms starting at $2,750 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (777) 101-1600

Hostal de la Luz
Rooms starting at $2,754 pesos/night
Mex: +52 (739) 395-3374


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