Ibogaine & Hepatitis C (HCV)

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a liver disease that is most commonly transmitted through blood, especially contact associated with injection drug use. There are an estimated 130-150 million people worldwide infected with Hepatitis C,1 which is often asymptomatic. Approximately 15-45% of people who contract Hepatitis C will clear the virus naturally within 6 months, but the remainder is people at risk of chronic infection if left untreated. Chronic infection can lead to liver damage and cirrhosis, which can cause liver failure and other life threatening complications. Current treatment for Hepatitis C involves antiviral therapy with interferon and ribavirin, which can last for between 12 to 48 weeks, and are associated with a number of significant undesirable side effects.2 Although the theory is clinically untested, there is some anecdotal case evidence that ibogaine may help to significantly reduce liver swelling, and to reduce liver enzyme levels and HCV viral counts. To date this has only been demonstrated in four case studies that were presented in a patent by Howard Lotsof, who also pioneered ibogaine-assisted detoxification.3


The information presented here is not intended to promote ibogaine for the treatment of Hepatitis C. While we believe that the information warrants further observational and clinical research, the information is presented primarily to inform people who may have encountered claims made elsewhere as to the state of scientific inquiry into this topic.

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