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Since 2012, GITA has been forging an indispensable international network. Over this first year, we have seen steady growth and consolidation of international efforts around some of our most impactful projects.

Your donation helps us to build this alliance, and to gain some traction with the effort to bring this medicine safely and sustainably to the world.


Improvements in Care

GITA’s network gives providers access to a growing pool of clinical experience, through partnerships, workshops, mentorships, and training modules. In addition, we are developing the primary means for communicating about important new developments in many areas, including safety, sustainability, and continuing care.

Dialogue About Sustainability

Along with several organizational partners, GITA is involved in shaping an international forum to discuss the sustainability of Tabernanthe iboga, and alternative methods of ibogaine development. If you are interested in directly supporting sustainability initiatves, please contact us to inquire about current projects and to earmark your donation.

Community Development

Each of GITA’s activities evolve through a constant process of community engagement and consensus building. In our first year, GITA has begun to facilitate the dialogue necessary to build a professional membership network and patient advocacy support, as well as continuing our bi-annual international conferences.

Information and Research

GITA has several ways in which it collects data for benchmarking and synthesizes current research. We work with clinics to collect data useful for researchers in advising clinical protocols.

Personnel Needs

By expanding our executive office we can give a stronger foundation to our work, especially the management of our Patient Advocacy program.


Operational Needs

Our estimated budget for office supplies, design, communications, travel, business expenses, and legal costs so that we can work as smoothly as possible.


Funding Progress

Total Needs 61100$
2015 Raised/Pledged 28826$
2015 Goals Breakdown (pdf)

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For US Residents

Our fiscal sponsors at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) can provide tax deductible receipts for US residents.

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Alternately, checks can be made payable to the “Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance” and sent to:

171-925 Boul. De Maisonneuve O.
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