Ibogaine Integration New Zealand – Considerations of Risk and Assessment for Holistic Care

Tanea Paterson

In February 2010 Medsafe New Zealand scheduled ibogaine as a non-approved prescription medication under section 25 of the 1981 medicines act.

This has opened up the opportunity to work within the existing medical framework with the potential provision of a much more holistic and integrated care plans for our tangata whaiora or clients.

My own background as an iv drug user, an eight year veteran of the methadone program and a successful ibogaine recipient has provided me with experiential knowledge that is useful on many levels as an ibogaine therapy provider.

My recent graduation from Moana House – Te Taketake as an Applied Addiction Practitioner has furthermore extended my skills and knowledge to a place where I can nurture respectful and trusting relationships within health and addiction services and with my clients.

Considering NZ has the unique, however not exclusive status with ibogaine being available on prescription, I am very cautious around assessment and risk with my clients. I respect that by following good practise protocols and utilizing existing frameworks there is more chance other countries may adopt this kind of status and less risk NZ would re-schedule ibogaine in a way that make ibogaine inaccessable to our people.

I would like to present to you on the integration of my own experience and the last few years of valuable study, the ways in which my clients and their whanau/family, their existing health providers, myself and others working with my clients benefit from this.

Specific Areas

  • Alignment and integration with existing health and addiction/psych services
  • Comprehensive assessment and therapy planning
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Synchronicity between international providers allowing for cultural differences

Audio: (To download, right click this link and select “Save File As…”) [audio:http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/gita_conference_2012/tanea_paterson.mp3]

Tanea Paterson ceased her eight year dependency on methadone in August 2006 using ibogaine. She has since achieved a diploma in Applied Addiction Counselling through Moana House training facility. Tanea set up a charitable trust Ibogaine Aotearoa Charitable Trust or I.ACT in 2011 and has been an ibogaine therapy provider for the last five years and currently also works as an addiction counsellor at the local needle exchange in Dunedin NZ.

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