Criminalization and Resistance: Canadian Drug Policy

Susan Boyd, Ph.D

This presentation explores the roots of drug prohibition in Canada. It also examines the role of Vancouver, B.C. in these events and movements of resistance to federal and local drug policy. The struggle to establish publicly funded drug treatment, drug maintenance prescribing, safer injection sites, and expanded treatment options will be discussed against the backdrop of the harms of drug prohibition.

Susan Boyd, is a professor at the University of Victoria and member of End Prohibition. She is the author of Hooked: Drug films in Britain, Canada, and the U.S.; From witches to crack moms: Women, drug law, and policy; Mothers and Illicit Drugs: Transcending the myths, co-author of Raise Shit! Social action saving lives, and co-editor of With child: Substance use during pregnancy: A woman-centred approach.

Audio: (To download, right click this link and select “Save File As…”)[audio:]

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