Attitude and Approach of Awakening

Sean Hamman and Steve Dyer

Steve and Sean have been making three day death/rebirth journeys with iboga for around 7 years now and many hundreds of people have met the ‘sacred wood’ through them. Each person has a lengthy consultation before being accepted for their work and when they first speak they find that the plant spirit is already present. On the day of the ceremony each person has another, face to face, consultation. They introduce them to the wood using step by step doses. Some people are naturally sensitive and drop deep very quickly whilst others are eating hourly through the night.

Most who work with us want above all to be at peace with themselves and with life around them. Our approach is simple. There is always work to be done in meeting old memories, thought forms, beliefs, and the plant can be relentless in bringing this information and experience to our attention; however the plant is bringing a great gift which lies beyond this mental noise, the gift of stillness.

In consultation and preparation we place most emphasis on finding stillness through working with the plant, and are clear with all participants that with iboga we are able to step through the mental haze, visions, thoughts, stories, into the sense of stillness, presence and groundedness. We do understand that people come with their individual intent for the work, with thoughts of understanding or healing something that they see as important in their everyday consciousness however when someone is exposed to the stillness these other concerns usually dissolve. This experience is often spoken of as a ‘peak state’ of consciousness and simply having it can be a catalyst for the resolution of difficulty in peoples’ lives. It is quite tangible in each person at the end of a ceremony and develops, grows roots, over the following weeks and months.

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Steve Dyer received initiation into a practice of inner peace in 1973. He began working with shamanic ceremony in 1987, and holding space for others to do ceremony in 1991. In 2003 he started making regular plant spirit works, first with ayahuasca and then iboga. His work takes him to many countries, facilitating iboga awakening ceremonies. There is great beauty and it is a privilege to witness human beings awakening to the divine, to stillness and to groundedness in their lives.

Sean Hamman, shaman and spiritual teacher. With over 12 years of ceremonial practice with plant spirit medicine. The last 8 being with Iboga as a practice of grounded self enquiry, the focus being on waking up from the dream of separation and into our natural undivided state of being. Sean works through silence and travels widely teaching Meditative Self Enquiry.

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