Lessons from the Awakening in the Dream House

Rocky and Asha Caravelli

Rocky Caravelli, the founder of Awakening In The Dreamhouse, provides integrative Ibogaine Therapy for the treatment of drug addiction and personal development.

Rocky is a father of 4, a former flooring installer and former addict who received Ibogaine 10 years ago for his addictions to heroin, methamphetamine and methadone. One year of apprenticeship and two years providing in the underground inspired Rocky to create the Dreamhouse. Rocky, along with his team, work with Ibogaine HCL, Iboga and the Total Alkaloid Extracts to provide safe, transformative experiences for those called by the spirit to create their own paths of healing.

Rocky and the Dreamhouse staff are committed to the cultivation, continuation and service of this plant and its availability to this and future generations.

Audio: (To download, right click this link and select “Save File As…”) [audio:http://www.puzzlepiece.org/ibogaine/gita_conference_2012/rocky_and_asha_caravelli.mp3]

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