Bwiti Technology in Traditional Practice and in Lay Provision for Addicts: Intention, Confession, Integration

Robert Bovenga Payne

This presentation explores which ancient (and more contemporary) Bwiti technologies can be utilized to positive effect in iboga processes outside West Africa. We will chiefly explore an idealized Western process, modulating a standard detox protocol to accommodate particular Bwiti ceremonies. Each ceremonial activity contributes to the participant’s process; they are prepared psychologically, physically and spiritually.

These ceremonies include Introduction to the Forest, Spiritual Baths, Purging, Bwiti Smoking, Bwiti Music, Face Painting, Naming and Dance Ceremony. Particular attention will be given to Bwiti music, including demonstrations. Media used will include videos, photos, live and recorded music.

Finally, we’ll examine how this idealized Bwiti-infused protocol can be (and has been) adapted to ‘underground’ processes. The change of setting to hotel room does not inhibit much of what the Bwiti contributes to successful ibogaine processes.

Audio: (To download, right click this link and select “Save File As…”) [audio:]

Initiated to ibogaine in 2006, Bovenga began as a lay trainee and aftercare provider at Awakening in the Dream House in Nayarit, Mexico in 2008. Since 2009, he has been a partner practitioner with Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis. In 2009 he was initiated into Bwiti in Libreville Gabon.

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