Lotus Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Marcela Castillo

Creative and delightful vinyasa sequences that focus on conscious alignment and breath awareness. All levels welcomed. Classes incorporate Meditation, relaxation, poetry, mudras, chanting, and celebration to life are key. The Lotus Flow that Marcela follows honors the chakra system and prepares the body temple for the magical journey of Self exploration through breath and movement. By utilizing the most basic ingredient for our Earthly life, the breath, we can transform the chemistry of our existence right now, thus becoming alchemical transformers to our Divinity. By simply breathing with more space and into places we haven’t breathed into before, we can transform our thoughts, we can witness our hearts expanding into its natural essence of unconditional Love, and our actions can become more reverent and grateful. This alchemical practice through yoga and meditation is a practical tool that we can carry in our medicine bundle anywhere and at any time, especially NOW in a time where our grace is most needed for the survival of all types of life on Earth.

Marcela Castillo was born and raised in Honduras and has lived the last 12 years in California. She feels supremely blessed to share her passion for yoga as a connecting and healing tool for our Sacred bodymindspirit. She is ever humbled by the beauty of the practice as a way to know our eternal and wise companion, the breath, and how it informs us about how we show up in the world to ourselves and our community.

Shambhala Meditation has also been a transformative experience for her in peeling the layers so that the Light and Kindness of the Soul can radiate through the illusions and the self can rediscover silently in this lifetime the true essence of being. Marcela believes that the true alchemical spark starts in the heart with the softening of our being and our openness to Love. Her sacred trinity of inspiration and education is rooted in the studies of Yoga, Permaculture, and Entheogens. Her classes weave elements from deep nature connection, bird language, permaculture, yoga, meditation, chanting, music as medicine, poetry, and her harvests from consciousness explorations to create a Space that is Self-explorative and celebratory for all so that the unique movement of each Sacred body temple is honored and revered. She has been exploring and studying yoga for the last 14 years and is grateful that this practice has brought her to health again and again.

Marcela has studied with many teachers of various practices, and her main inspirations and studies have been with The Laughing Lotus School of Yoga in San Francisco, CA and with the Shambhala Meditation teachings from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and Pema Chodron. She has led various classes at several festivals and gatherings of our tribes, such as Symbiosis Gathering, Lightening in a Bottle, MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Conference 2010, Burning Man, and The Women’s Visionary Congress.

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