Treatment dangers and successes

Juliana Mulligan

I will be sharing the story about my ibogaine treatment in order to further the understanding of ibogaine and it’s effects and to ultimately connect with more people who want to escape addiction. I will initially talk about my pre-treatment active addiction life, medical history and prior addiction treatments. The story of my treatment will be told not only from my own memory, but also from medical records and the eye witness accounts of others as I was unconscious for a large portion of it. My treatment was successful but almost concluded in death. There were various unique and uncertain elements which contributed to these medical issues that I will be detailing. I was brought back from cardiac arrest six times before being put on an external pacemaker for over a week. My heart finally returned to normal functioning but a solid explanation for the cardiac arrests was never found. An uncertain diagnosis was concluded by the doctor from my clinic after a few months of research, I will discuss this as well as some of my own theories. I’ll end by talking about my one year without drugs or alcohol since the treatment and how I live my life differently since ibogaine.

My name is Juliana Mulligan and I am 28 years old. I grew up in Naples, Fl but I’ve lived in India and Colombia as well. I was a using drug addict from ages 13 to 27, with the last seven years being the most intense and focused in opiate usage. I went through three unsuccessful drug rehab programs and finally found ibogaine almost a year ago. I have been totally clean since and I now want my life’s work to be with ibogaine and providing treatments.

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