Integration: The Missing Link

John Harrison, MA, PsyD (Cand)

In this presentation I will briefly discuss my research findings re: Post Ibogaine Administration Integration; it’s benefits, limitations, what ‘works’ and what ‘does not work’. We will explore the ibogaine experience in the context of it’s larger Gestalt and it’s long-term impact on ibogaine journeyers, specifically exploring desired outcomes. Posing the question… ‘What is the goal of the ibo initiate?’ and responding ‘As unique as the individual herself!’

I will discuss the many elements of integration emphasizing that there is no one way …no one-size fits all protocol with the sine qua non ( necessary component ) being respect for, and deep empowerment of those in our care ! We will examine our terminology… the use of ‘aftercare’ ( which can be an afterthought and which often devolves into an after-party) vs. INTEGRATION which implies the pro-active long-term involvement of the patient/student/journeyer. We will discuss the interface between the powerful ibogaine journey ( i.e.finding one’s own language to retain and integrate the experience), and ‘addiction treatment 101’ (i.e developing a support system, identifying triggers, and making powerful and often difficult lifestyle changes). We will address the unique ibogaine ‘window of well-being’ the typically 6-10 week period post administration which we have witnessed in so many instances, opens remarkable access both to our inner angels and our demons, along with the new-found facility to fearlessly meet and learn from them.

This will be an invitation to discuss, share, and learn from the vast reservoir of knowledge, experience, and insight that will undoubtedly be present at this important conference! I am looking forward!

John Harrison M.A., PsyD (cand) has had life experiences ranging from high-altitude mountaineer to massage therapist (at Esalen Institute in Big Sur) ,as a Federal fugitive ( from injustice ) followed by a stint as a guest of the US Federal government’s Bureau of Prisons, methadone counselor, Zen Buddhist practitioner, political activist (as an advocate for a fair and just drug policy), Psychologist( with a specialization in Addiction Treatment and Personal Transformation ), Gestalt Practice workshop leader, and as a writer and researcher exploring compassionate addiction treatment (specifically investigating ibogaine) among many other incarnations.

John is also a connoisseur of amazing and breathtaking sunsets.

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