Cob as Community Art for Ibogaine Aftercare

Dana Jenks

Wanting to build a house on their acreage in Nevada City, California, Chris and Dana Jenks took a cob workshop. This highly interactive natural building process, using a wet mixture of sand and clay reinforced by loose straw, helped Chris and Dana process stressful issues such as the illness of their daughter and Dana’s mother. Dana then began building a cob gazebo in their backyard in Sacramento. The building became a sculpture of her healing process. At the beginning of the project, Dana felt she needed more physical and emotional resources and that she was ill prepared for the construction and the heavy emotional burden that she was facing. The cob project enabled her to transform from feeling needy to feeling sufficient in her relationship with God and family. She quickly realized that there would be benefit to bringing cob into her art curriculum at Arthur A. Benjamin High School in Sacramento, an urban school across the street from the major public housing project in Sacramento. She found that the students who came out to cob on weekends and evenings were students who needed it as a therapy. Many of the students were struggling with drug addiction. Students involved found themselves talking and realizing they were not alone. They had what they needed to overcome their struggles. This metamorphosis repeated itself at an orphanage in India and with another urban school. Dana began researching the use of hand craft in healing. Later she spent two summers with Ruskin Mill at Rudolf Steiner College. Ruskin Mill uses hand craft to aid in helping students with autism and other disorders become whole and employable. Dana is currently working with Aonghus Gordon, the founder of Ruskin Mill Colleges in the United Kingdom and with Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA to establish a program for drug addicted youth. She hopes this process can be repeated for ibogaine after care treatment. People who receive ibogaine treatment can produce a living sculpture of their healing process and leave a beautiful treatment room for others.


Dana Jenks teaches Physics, Chemistry and Earth Art at a Waldorf High School in California. Dana has a Masters of Science in Education and is currently in a second Master’s program at Rudolf Steiner College studying Waldorf education and the use of hand crafts for the treatment of addiction. She hopes to start a school similar to the Ruskin Mill College in England and be able to compare the long term results after traditional and ibogaine detox. Her cousin John runs a post detox drug addiction treatment center in California where Dana will help out along with a local NA chapter which meets at a church near their home until both Chris and Dana are able to take the studies abroad.

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