Research on Production of Ibogaine from Voacanga and Iboga

Chris Jenks, Ph.D

Since his last presentation in 2010, Chris has investigated ways to improve the state of the art in iboga and Voacanga extraction and purification chemistry, in pursuit of Lotsof’s fantastic vision of addiction treatment for anyone in the world who wants it. Although his process for dream-scale production of ibogaine from Voacanga bark is not completely refined, important key steps have been discovered which go a long way in optimizing and reducing the cost of the process pioneered and presented by Bob Sisko. One of the main expenses at Sisko’s factory, aside from shipping tons of bark internationally, is the chromatoghraphic separatioon of the crude alkaloid mixture. An elegant alternative approach has been found which accomplishes this separation very inexpensively yet efficiently, with a minimal input of chemicals or solvents. Lessons learned from setbacks in this research will probably benefit anyone interested in plant extraction chemistry.

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While finishing his doctorate in Organic Chemistry, Chris started traveling from his base in California in the 90s to study ibogaine extraction and purification. The extraction procedures he published are specifically suited for laboratories in developing countries due to their simplicity and low cost. This work has been sponsored by the treatment providers Karl Naeher and Anwar Jeewa and performed during periods of extended vacation. The rest of the time, Chris still lives in California and works as an open source programmer.

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