The Ibogaine movement at a cross roads

Boaz Wachtel

The seminal discovery of Ibogaine’s anti-addiction properties by the late and beloved Howard Lotsof during the mid 60’s calls now for a reflection and self analysis by the members of the international movement that formed during the ensuing years.

Are we on the right track? What is the “right” track? What should we do different or better? Are we honest with ourselves? Where do we go from here? These are questions that we need to be asked and answered during the conference in Vancouver.

Are we on the “right track”? What is the “right track”?

  1. The right track is one that leads to greater safety!!!!!!!!!
  2. To that end, we must adhere to strict physical and psychological screening
  3. The use of medical staff (preferably doctors)
  4. Develop clinical treatment manual by a physician through harmonization of existing protocols
  5. Use the best Ibogaine available

What should we do different or better?

  1. Establish a TP training academy
  2. Develop internship programs for new providers
  3. Establish criteria for qualifying TP’s (on line testing of treatment manual?)
  4. Decide that every TP should take a medical Emergency treatment course. Otherwise no treatments allowed
  5. Develop reporting procedures of adverse medical reactions and unprofessional behavior by TP’s
  6. Decide when to issue a web warning against TP’s who break laws and are negligent

Where do we go from here? Decide and agree on:

  1. The use of doctors and/or nurses and medics at a minimum in any treatment should be a pre-requisite
  2. Adhere to proper screening, both physical and mental to maintain safety and efficacy of the treatments
  3. Develop internship model for new comers and on line testing of treatment manual to qualify for endorsement by the Ibo treatment community and GITA
  4. Harmonize treatment protocols

Audio: (To download, right click this link and select “Save File As…”) [audio:]

Boaz Wachtel is a treatment provider of close to 100 individuals since 1989 along side of Howard and Norma Lotsof (above ground with NDA international) and Bob Sisko (underground treatments with ICASH – International Coalition for Addict Self-Help). Activist, strategist of Ibogaine medicalization. Safety and screening advocate. Co-Author with Lotsof: “First Ibogaine treatment Manual” (2003). Promoter, with Bob Sisko in Israel of a clinical trial, approved by the Ministry of Health, evaluating the use of Ibogaine in the treatment of opioid-dependence.

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