Film: Experience Bwiti: Renassence of the Healed

Ben De Loenen

In Central West Africa, in a country called Gabon, an ancient traditional practice is found around the ingestion of the psychoactive plant species tabernanthe iboga.

This documentary portrays a five-day happening featuring different highly complex rituals with the participation of the whole community engaged in a true rite of passage. The ingestion of the Iboga rootbark initiates a transforming death-rebirth experience used for the healing process of a Gabonese woman. The documentary is edited with unused footage of the documentary Ibogaine – Rite of Passage.

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Graduated as Master in Audiovisual Media with his documentary Ibogaine – Rite of Passage (2004), Benjamin De Loenen gave many lectures and film screenings around the world and dedicated himself to the Ibogaine movement. In 2006 he got interested in Ayahuasca, after which he started observing the psycho-social processes of participants of sessions.

In 2009 the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service was born as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in the Netherlands. Among other activities ICEERS organized an international public conference held in the Catalan health ministry in Barcelona, was involved in the legal support of arrested Ayahuasqueros such as a case in Chile which was documented for Ben’s Ayahuasca documentary project and initiated various campaigns related to the persecution of psychoactive ethnobotanicals and indigenous causes.

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