Developing an Iboga Clinic in the Far North of New Zealand

Anah and Cornelius van Dorp

From Day One of our treatments here in the Land of the Long White Cloud we have never been the same. Then we met the Global Iboga Family in Barcelona, and we changed even more. Then our Happy friend the sole Iboga Provider in the Land of Oz started sending his most beautiful but most badly behaved clients to us, one of whom tried to commit harikari in our living room with IV adrenalin!

We have learned lots of things to do and even more things not to do.

For example … do not use psychic sitters.

And … Don’t mix your 16 y o boys with beautiful supermodel type junkies or they’ll be punching each other out just to sit next to her!

And … if you’ve gone too far into it you might be able to save yourself by doing a mainstream addictions counseling course (Anah and Tanz) to make sense of it all!

We are going to tell you how we discovered Iboga, how we went and tried it in Australia, how we then went to the Barcelona Conference, and got inspired at the Conference to make a plan to renovate our Herbal Clinic into an Iboga Detox facility.

Then we’ll tell you how Mr and Mrs Happy came from the land of Oz to help us initiate the Herb Shack, and how we then started doing Ibogaine detox for methadone, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Now … assisted by the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s decision to legalize Ibogaine as a prescription medicine … about 33 treatments later … we have been through a huge learning curve that we want to share with the global Iboga whanau of providers.

We have found that Iboga itself is the Master teacher – through synchronicity – and the bringing of truth, and of love and light through the plant medicine – not only for classical detox from opiates, but also for detox from some of the more mainstream prescription anti-depressants and anti-psychotics – the sky and the light horizon is the destination.


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