Revisioning the Psychodynamics of Opiate Addiction Through the Lenses of Jungian Depth and Fourth Wave Psychologies

Adrian Auler, MA

The efficacy of ibogaine in treating addiction – to opiates, in particular – seems to be significantly greater than that of extant treatment modalities. Why? I propose a model of addiction, based on Jungian depth psychology and elaborated with Fourth Wave psychologies, which may offer an understanding of the phenomenological experience of ibogaine treatment by addicts: it is a multivalent key to a psychospiritual and emotional disorder of multidimensional human beings.


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Adrian Auler, M.A. is a doctoral student in East-West Psychology. His research interests are integral psychology, addiction, consciousness studies, and entheogens. His dissertation will focus on the use of ibogaine for the treatment of opiate addiction.

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