Sayulita 2009

The first International Ibogaine Providers and Facilitators Conference was held in Sayulita, Mexico between March 21st and March 25th, 2009. Presentations were shared by many foundational figures in the ibogaine field, in the honour of the late Howard Lotsof. The conference recognized the need for more dialogue amongst providers, as well as the need for standards of care, ethics, and patient rights to be developed. Building on years of previous work, these discussions laid much of the foundation for GITA’s incorporation.


Day 1: March 21, 2009

Robert Baringer

Plant Based Psychoactive Medicines Used in Traditional Indigenous Healing

Robert Baringer, MD (USA)

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Howard Lotsof

Ibogaine: A Story of My Life and Years

Howard Lotsof, Dora Weiner Foundation (USA)

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Bobby Payne

Dynamics and Protocols of Aftercare and Integration Services for Ibogaine

Bobby Payne, Awakening in the Dream House (Mexico)

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Day 2: March 22, 2009


Building a Bridge between Traditional Healing and Iboga, with ibogaine: Ritual, Ceremony, and Aftercare with Individuals and Small Groups

Rocky Caravelli, Founder, Awakening in the Dream House (Mexico)

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Bruno Rasmussen Chaves

Description of Ibogaine Treatments Made in Brazil

Bruno Rasmussen Chaves, MD (Brazil)

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Ibogaine: A Case Study in Psychotherapy

Peter Brackenridge, MD (UK)

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Dimitri Mugianis


Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis, VOCAL NYC users group and Ibogaine Underground (USA)


(20 years) Experiences of an Ibogaine Treatment Provider: From the Underground to Clinics

Boaz Wachtel, Founder Greenleaf Party (Israel)

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Geerte Franken

An Ibogaine Treatment Protocol from a Current Perspective

Geerte Frenken, International Addict Self-Help (USA & Netherlands)

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Day 3: March 23, 2009

John Harrison

Witness to Transformation: Ibogaine as a Portal to Self-Discovery

John Harrison, MAPS (USA)

Using the Law to Get Ibogaine into the System

Marko Reza Resinovic, Founder Sacrament of Transition (Slovenia)

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Ibogaine Roundtable

Moderator: Brian Vastag. Participants: Kenneth R. Alper MD, Geerte Frenken, Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis, Mary Ditton, Peter Brackenridge MD

Bob Sisko

Sourcing Ibogaine: The Providers Dilemma

Bob Sisko Rand, Addiction Research Institute (USA)

Day 4: March 24, 2009

Roman Paskulin

Ibogaine and Metabolism

Roman Paskulin, MD, OMI Institute (Slovenia)

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Kenneth Alper

Ibogaine’s Mechanism of Action Remains Unknown: Integrating the Observations of Treatment Providers and Research Scientists

Kenneth R. Alper, MD, NYU School of Medicine (USA)

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Day 5: March 25, 2009

Clare Wilkins

The Addict/MD Relationship: A Personal and Clinical Experience

Clare Wilkins, Director, The Ibogaine Association, a Divison of Pangea Biomedics (Mexico)

Dave Hunter

Ibogaine Art Presentation

Dave Hunter, Artist and Founder of gammalyte.com (USA)

Image of Sayulita Town Plaza courtesy of Daily Venture.

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