Ecological Report on Tabernanthe iboga

Yann Guignon

In 2011, Yann Guignon and Professor Gassita were appointed to publish a comprehensive report on iboga in Gabon and abroad. Completed in 2012, the report revealed that iboga is currently threatened in Gabon and suggested that Gabonese authorities should work to preverse the plant which has been listed as a national cultural heritage since 2000.

Currently iboga is registered on the list of Non Timber Forest Products prohibited from leaving the country and will be integrated into discussions of the Gabonese State in their ratification of the Nagoya Protocol.

This presentation will cover the ramifactions of the report and the Nagoya protocol. It will also introduce a sustainable planting project that Yann is beginning in collaboration with the National Agency for National Parks.

Yann Guignon is a consultant in intercultural mediation and sustainable development with Traits d’Union in Gabon.

He had a very difficult childhood and a history of drug use, until he discovered iboga on a trip to Gabon in 2004. He spent 2 years working for E-Boga, an association campaigning for the recognition of iboga’s therapeutic potential in France, until iboga is prohibited in France following the death of an addict during a treatment with another association in the South of France.

Yann was initiated into Bwiti in 2006 in the school of Traditonal Initiatory Circle Bwitiste (CITRAB) chaired by the Master Atom Ribenga. For the next three years he made regular trips to continue learning from Ribenga and to participate in televised debates concerning western interest in iboga and Bwiti.

In 2007 he joined the NGO Ebando chaired by Hugues Poitevin Obiang, better known as Tatayo, to help structure the NGO specialized in the reception of foreigners wishing to discover Gabon and the Bwiti tradition. He moved to Gabon permanently in 2009, and has since become the adopted son of Professor Jean Noel Gassita, the dean of international research on iboga and special advisor to former President Bongo.

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