2014 Conference Archive

Summary of Events

May 7thMay 8thMay 9thMay 10thMay 11thMay 12thMay 13th
GITA Provider’s Conference
(10am-5pm daily)
Public Panel
Party (8pm)
Safari Trip
Provider’s Seminar
(10am-5pm daily)

GITA Provider’s Conference Schedule

Wednesday, May 7th
10:00amWelcome and IntroductionJonathan DickinsonNo Video
10:15amPanel: Steps Towards Prescription TreatmentDr. Bruno Rasmussen Chavez, Dr. Raul Morales, Tanea PatersonVideo
11:30amA novel approach to ibogaine administration for opioid detoxification: The risks and benefits of repeated, cumulative low dose ibogaine in treatmentClare WilkinsVideo (1st half)
12:30pmLunch Break
1:30pmExploration of the phenomenology of the Ibogaine experience: Preliminary findingsSteve Katsikas, Ph.D & Annamarie HeinkVideo (Late)
2:00pmImplications of Ibogaine/GDNF Findings for Aftercare and Medications DevelopmentDana BealVideo
2:30pmRadical Inclusivity, Transparency & Integrity: A Model for GITA’s Ethics and MembershipJonathan DickinsonVideo
3:30pmShort Break
3:45pmDiscussion Period: Issues Regarding Membership and Standards: Collective Responses to Medical Incidents, the Influence of Business on the Provision of CareInteractive, with Guests Dr. Kenneth Alper and Dr. Jeffrey KamletVideo (2nd half)
5:15pmSession Close
Thursday, May 8th
10:00amIbogaine Data Analysis ResultsBen De Loenen, and Chris Jenks, Ph.DNo Video
10:30amEcological Report on Tabernanthe ibogaYann GuignonVideo
11:30amCan we make sustainable and fairly traded Iboga a reality?Joshua WickerhamVideo
12:30pmLunch Break
1:30pmDiscussion Period: Questions about fare trade and sustainabilityInteractiveNo Video
3:00pmShort Break
3:15pmThe days after rebirth: Re-experiencing childhood in Iboga initiation ceremonies among the MitsoghoUwe Mass and Süster StrubeltVideo
4:15pmDiscussion Period: Drafting a DeclarationInteractiveNo Video
5:15pmSession Close
Friday, May 9th
10:00amData from the MAPS long-term observational study and it’s implicationsThomas Kingsley Brown, Ph.DVideo
10:45amNotes on progress in the New Zealand ibogaine study: Exploring differential outcomes across providers and studies at 12-months post treatmentGeoff Noller, Ph.DNo Video
11:30amTransformative Art for Continuing Care and Controlled Long Term StudiesDana JenksNo Video
12:00amVideo Premier: The Early Days’ Ibogaine ExperimentsClaudio NaranjoYouTube
12:30pmLunch Break
1:30pmThe essential elements of a successful Continuing Care programJohn Harrison, MA, PsyD (c)Video
2:00pmA comprehensive therapeutic model for Ibogaine therapy with a focus on post-detox integration and long-term support in remissionDanesh OleskoNo Video
2:30pmBeyond Detox: From Detox to Treatment. How best to integrate aftercare practices, and improve outcomesInteractiveNo Video
3:45pmShort Break
4:00pmGITA Offical Members Meeting and Board ElectionGITASurvey / Minutes
5:15pmSession Close

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