Tremorogenic and nontremorogenic indole alkaloids: effects on photosensitive epilepsy in Papio papio.


Harmaline and ibogaine i.v. induced restlessness and tremor (8-12 Hz) in the photosensitive baboon. The former increased the EEG frequency particularly in central regions with appearance of bursts at 20-24 cps and was blocked by somatic movement. The latter produced a slight enhancement of frontal fast rhythms. Both drugs blocked the spontaneous paroxysmal activity with little effect on photosensitivity. These effects lasted for 2-4 h. Vincamine produced agitation during 15 min post-i.v.-administration and showed a hypervigilant EEG. Norvincamine or Hydergine altered the degree of photosensitivity. Cerebellar involvement in the action of harmaline and ibogaine is discussed.



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