Tissue distribution of ibogaine after intraperitoneal and subcutaneous administration


The distribution of the putative anti-addictive substance ibogaine was measured in plasma, brain, kidney, liver and fat after ip and sc administration in rats. One hr after ip dosing (40 mg/kg), drug levels ranged from 106 ng/ml (plasma) to 11,308 ng/g (fat), with significantly higher values after sc administration of the same dose. Drug levels were 10-20 fold lower 12 hr after the same dose. These results suggest that: 1) ibogaine is subject to a substantial "first pass" effect after ip dosing, demonstrated by higher drug levels following the sc route, 2) ibogaine shows a large accumulation in adipose tissue, consistent with its lipophilic nature, and 3) persistence of the drug in fat may contribute to a long duration of action.



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