The psychic effect of ibogaline hydrochloride (alkaloid from Tabernanthe iboga Baill)


The psychic Effects of Ibogaine Hydrochloride (Alkaloids of Tabernanthe Iboga Baill)
In 14 tests, 12 normal persons were given growing doses of Ibogaline, an indol-alkaloid from Tabernanthe iboga. The chronology of the changes of the expression, of subjective experience and of the intellectual efficiency were studied according to a method developed for trials with psychotogenic substances. The effects corresponded to a state of intoxication without any pronounced productive symptomatology, and a mild sedation. However, profound transformations of the basic state as the occur in real model psychoses, were not encountered, opposite to ethnological and pharmacological investigations. The question is discussed why the effects produced under laboratory conditions, differ considerably from those obtained when the substance is taken for cultic purposes. Placebo-effects were studied in a small number of tests.



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