Inhibition of Candida albicans extracellular enzyme activity by selected natural substances and their application in Candida infection


Extracellular enzymes secreted by Candida albicans are claimed to be virulence factors responsible for penetration of the yeast into host cells. Substances able to inhibit lipolytic and proteinase activities of the fungus might be of therapeutic use in some pathologic conditions caused by C. albicans. In the present work, we have tested the influence of the flavonoid compounds apigenin and kaempferol, the indole alkaloid ibogaine, and the protoberberine alkaloid berberine on the in vitro enzyme activity of C. albicans. The substances showed complex suppressive effects concerning the processes of adherence to epithelial cells, secreted aspartyl proteinase activity, and the rate of cell wall protein glycosylation. Apigenin and kaempferol were administered in systemic C. albicans infection, demonstrating an increased number of survivors by kaempferol. The application of apigenin, kaempferol, ibogaine, and berberine in cutaneous infection suppressed the symptoms and accelerated elimination of the yeast from the site of inoculation.



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