Ibogaine reduces preference for cocaine consumption in C57BL/6By mice


After a period of forced exposure to 300 mg/l cocaine HCl in drinking water for a period of one week, followed by forced exposure to 200 mg/l cocaine for an additional week, male C57BL/6By mice developed a preference for cocaine when given a choice of drinking either water or a solution containing cocaine (200 mg/l). The mean daily intake of cocaine during the choice period was 26 ± 1 mg/kg or, when expressed as the ratio of cocaine over total fluid intake, represented a cocaine preference of 71 ± 2%. Administration of ibogaine HCl (40 mg/kg, two injections 6 h apart) two weeks after the beginning of the choice period reduced the cocaine preference for at least five days; the mean daily intake of cocaine was reduced by 38% (to 16 ± 1 mg/kg per day; p < 0.05) and cocaine preference was reduced to 41 ± 2% (cocaine fluid consumption/total fluid intake). An acute challenge injection of cocaine (25 mg/kg SC) produced a significant increase in cocaine-induced locomotor activity and stereotypy in mice previously exposed to cocaine in their drinking water (cocaine choice group). Five days after ibogaine administration, locomotor and stereotypy activity were significantly lower after a challenge injection of cocaine (25 mg/kg SC). Brain levels of cocaine 35 min after the challenge injection of cocaine were approimately 25% higher in ibogaine-treated mice (7.2 ± 0.5 and 9.3 ± 0.8 μg/g wet wt for water vs. mice treated with water plus ibogaine and 9.3 ± 0.2 and 11.8 ± 0.7 μg/g wet wt for cocaine drinking vs. cocaine drinking plus ibogaine treatment). Neither the reduction in cocaine preference nor attenuation in cocaine-induced ambulatory and stereotypy activity by ibogaine was accounted for by changes in brain levels of cocaine.



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