High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of basic drugs on silica columns using non-aqueous ionic eluents


Unmodified silica columns together with non-aqueous ionic eluents give stable yet flexible systems for the analysis of basic drugs by high-performance liquid chromatography. Low-wavelength UV and fluorescence detection may be used, and fluorescence may be optimised by, for example, post-column pH change or derivatisation of some primary aliphatic amines with o-phthaldialdehyde. A novel feature is that electrochemical oxidation can be used for the detection of most analytes and this detection mode is thus discussed in detail. Retention and relative response data (UV, 254 nm and electrochemical, +1.2 V) have been generated for 462 compounds using a 125-mm Spherisorb S5W silica column and methanolic ammonium perchlorate (10 mM, pH 6.7) as eluent. This system can be used isocratically in qualitative analyses and also for quantitative work, when either the wavelength or the applied potential can be adjusted to optimise the response.



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