Durban 2014 Conference

The 4th International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference took place between May 7th and 10th, 2014 at the Blue Waters Hotel in Durban, South Africa. The event consisted of 3 days of private meetings for GITA members, regarding research and practice around the therapeutic and traditional uses of iboga and ibogaine. It was followed by a public presentation, and a two day seminar with dialogue directed more specifically at protocol details.

Image © 2014 GITA. Bwiti items and iboga fruits at the table.

Image © 2014 GITA. Bwiti items and iboga fruits at the table.

Discussions covered a broad spectrum of topics, from developments in research, treatment protocol, and legislation, but the featured topic of interest for the conference will be launching The Iboga Dialogues, a multi-stakeholder discussion to establish standards around safety and sustainability in the production and use of ibogaine. The meeting successfully established a connection between GITA and organizations in Gabon, and was followed by a visit to Gabon to meet with authorities and ministries.


Schedule & Archives

A complete list of conference speakers’ abstracts and bios is available, as well as some streaming recordings and powerpoints presentations.

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2014 Conference Report

This report is designed to give a general sense of the content and outcomes of this meeting for our members, partners, and supporters around the world.

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